Lynn VanErem

Creative Use of Spinal Cord Stimulators Restores Lynn's Quality of Life

A few years ago, life for Lynn VanErem of DePere, Wisconsin, was marked by virtually unending pain…

It started with frostbite on my feet. All of a sudden, the pain had moved up my body and I had lost function and feeling in my arms and legs. I saw specialists in my area and at a well-known clinic in another state, but the pain continued. I was desperate to find something that would stop the pain.

Lynn enjoys time outdoors with her children.

Then I was referred to Dr. Block at the Milwaukee Neurological Institute. Dr. Block studied my case, conducted extensive research and developed a creative solution: he surgically implanted three stimulators in my spinal cord that send an impulse to my spine and nerves. Now, instead of pain, all I feel is a tingling.

Dr. Block thoroughly discussed all of the risks with me and was determined to find a solution. I waited as long as I could before having the surgery, I'm very glad I did it. Throughout the whole time, I always felt like I was a part of the treatment team. Dr. Block has changed my life.”