Marian Pietrangelo

Pietrangelo Family Shares Success

Lamont, Pam, Mike, Marian, and Tony share quality time together.

Five members of Milwaukee's Pietrangelo family were patients of Dr. Max Lee in the same six-month time period. The surgeries began when Pamela Pietrangelo started having terrible headaches and slurred speech. The 47-year old engineer was taken to a hospital where Dr. Lee performed brain surgery, after which, Pamela was able to successfully return to work. Because of Pamela's positive experience, Marian Pietrangelo felt confident referring her husband's 80-year old brother, Anthony, to Dr. Lee to treat his leg pain. Next up was Marian herself, who had surgery for her severe lower back pain. In January 2007, it was nephew Lamont Hanko's turn to experience Dr. Lee's medical expertise, for a complex spinal fusion procedure.

Finally, Marian's husband, Michael, was the most recent Pietrangelo to require a visit due to chronic leg pain. Like his family members before him, Michael's condition improved dramatically after his procedure.

Medical technology and the surgical expertise of Dr. Lee have made a world of difference to the Pietrangelo family. Since their treatments, family gatherings have a special significance. They exchange stories of their high-quality care and give thanks for their life-changing procedures and successful recoveries.