Sarah Ludwich

Finding the Right Doctor Saved Sarah's Life

Shortly after giving birth to her second child, Sarah Ludwich was treated for postpartum eclampsia. After her treatment, Sarah started to experience severe pain and headaches due to considerable brain damage, and found it increasingly difficult to do her job as a corporate litigator and mother.

Sarah cherishes every moment with her daughters.

Despite visiting numerous pain specialists, no one was able to treat Sarah's pain until two years later when she was referred to Dr. Heffez. Dr. Heffez was the only one to identify two arteries that appeared smaller in Sarah's brain stem. Without this discovery, Sarah would not have survived.

Sarah's memory improved after her first operation with Dr. Heffez. She returned two years later for a second surgery when she started having difficulty walking and began showing other signs of neurological damage. Dr. Heffez determined this was caused by right side of the brain stem collapsing. Recently, Sarah had a third surgery by Dr. Heffez to fix the compression in her spinal cord, and Sarah is able to walk with confidence again.

Sarah has complete respect for Dr. Heffez's work and warm heart.

If not for Dr. Heffez, I wouldn't be here,” boasts Sarah, “He always believed in me, he believed that I could make it.”