Who We Are

At the Milwaukee Neurological Institute (MNI), we take a conservative approach to treatment, with the goal of restoring quality of life to the maximum extent possible. “We pride ourselves in maintaining close contact with our patients' primary care physicians throughout the treatment process.” That means thoroughly exploring alternatives before surgery is ever recommended. It means ongoing discussions with patients and their families to ensure that they understand their condition, the options available and anticipated outcomes. Most of all, it means answering questions and calming fears.

Drs. Heffez, Block (Founder) and Lee

If we had to choose one word to describe our approach to treatment, that word would be “conservative.” Our goals are to treat our patients with the least amount of tests and invasive surgery — and to return patients as close as we can to the level of activity they enjoyed before.

We begin the treatment process by getting to know our patients — their families, lifestyles, jobs and other interests. We review prior medical history and imaging, conduct sophisticated analytical tests, and thoroughly explore treatment alternatives make a diagnosis. “Our goal is to treat our patient's condition with the least amount of tests and invasive surgery.” Then, we meet with patients and their families to discuss their situations, treatment options, involvement of other specialists, use of advanced technology and anticipated outcomes. We're always happy to answer questions because we believe it's critical that our patients understand their conditions, what they can expect and how they can participate in their treatments.

Frequently, the best surgery is no surgery. Treatment of the spine can begin with physical therapy, pain management, medications, lifestyle changes or work restrictions, and advance to surgery only if needed. Whether the condition involves the spine or brain, our thorough and thoughtful approach results in a diagnosis and treatment plan that is designed around the unique needs and lifestyle of each patient.