Our Support Staff


Dedicated to patient care

The Milwaukee Neurological Institute's entire practice is built around putting ourselves in the patient's place. We take whatever time is necessary to answer all patient questions and involve the family in the decision-making process. We've worked hard to create an environment of caring and compassion that's dedicated to supporting our patients and their families.

The staff of the Milwaukee Neurological Institute is a strong, effective team that's dedicated to patient care. Our physician's assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and administrative staff are selected because of their experience and skill as well as their care and concern for people.

Throughout the entire treatment process, our staff works closely with our physicians and other specialists who are involved in the treatment plan.

Our staff has one primary goal: smoothing the treatment and healing process for patients and their families.

“Our staff is dedicated to patient care. The physicians and staff of the Milwaukee Neurological Institute are the ultimate patient advocates.”